Mojito Cariñoso


  • 90 ml (a little more than half a glass) of Cariñoso Wine
  • 30 ml of liquid sugar
  • 1 stalk with herbaceous leaves
  • ½ lime wedges
  • 30 ml of aged rum
  • 1 top (10 ml) of ginger soda.
  • 1 tablespoon of honey to garnish the glass.


Add to a long glass the liquid sugar, the lemon and 5 to 6 leaves of lemongrass, macerate without destroying so much of the lemongrass, then put ice to the top of the glass, the Cariñoso wine, the aged rum and the ginger soda. Mix with a bar spoon. Add honey. Garnish by inserting into the glass and leaving a sprig of periwinkle with its leaves protruding.